I Promise The Next Marvel Post Will Be Positive.

‘The series will span the entire universe and touch on the “glory days” of characters like Odinson, Squirrel Girl, Spider-Man, the Avengers, America Chavez, Iron Man, Moon Knight, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, the X-Men and many others.’

The politics of Marvel right now is too complicated for me to explain effectively in a short post, but fuck me this sounds shit.

I wonder if they want their own DC Rebirth? It sure doesn’t seem like it…

I can’t wait to see what great stories I can expect for America Chavez! Disregard the fact that her current run is actually fucking abysmal, she’s a fan favourite obviously and we need some more good stuff from her. I understand however that her current run is only two (?) issues in and there is a bunch of other stuff with her but I don’t care, the recent run is so painfully bad that I have no interest in giving the character a fair chance. Is that unfair? Probably, but oh well.

Listen up Marvel, think about this.

DC Rebirth is working so far because it was written to please the fans. I’m not saying that Marvel can’t write anything to please the fans and is just after the cash, but the Legacy thing seems a bit odd. Rebirth also came after a bunch of shit that divided people in the fan base, so a return to some of the older stuff was warmly welcomed. Probably the most important part is the fact that the writers did a good job. Put Bendis on bringing back PC Superman and writing about his family and I don’t think it would have been as good.

Really there’s a bunch of shit behind all this, too long for me to explain here. If you expect this to be a good reflection of Marvel and DC, well you’re an idiot. These are really just my opinions in a big jumbled shit storm of a post. But yeah next post will be positive, I promise.





3 thoughts on “I Promise The Next Marvel Post Will Be Positive.

  1. So . . . Marvel’s bad for doing something that tries to put focus on both classic and new fan-favourite characters? Isn’t this kinda the exact thing that fans of classic characters have been calling for? I honestly do not understand the complaint here.


    1. No, not at all. I guess what I’m meaning with this is that it seems odd to me personally that the previous statements of going back to some of the classic stuff includes this. Chances are I’ve missed or mixed some stuff up but that’s just how I’m seeing it. I understand the integration of both classic and new but from what I understood of previous statements, I thought it was going to be an exclusively (or at least mainly) classic approach, so this took me by surprise.


      1. Marvel was never going to get rid of Kamala Khan. They weren’t going to get rid of Miles Morales. They were always going to go with a mixed approach. Bring back some of the classic characters who’ve been sidelined, without sidelining the new characters. They want both audiences. They arguably underestimated how upset people would be at so many classic characters being sidelined (though, of course, we don’t have access to the actual sales data, for things like digital, TPBs in book stores, or any of the other non-Diamond distribution sources, so we don’t know how Marvel’s sales have actually done lately). They’re not eager to make the same mistake by underestimating the attachment to newer characters, especially since fans of newer characters are Very Vocal about them. Plus, most of Marvel’s classic characters are straight white guys, most of the popular newer characters are diverse, and Marvel constantly takes heat for its issues related to diversity, so focusing too much on classic characters to the extent that it’s actually detrimental to new characters would not be a good look on that front.


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