A Marvel Post for Once

It’s kinda funny because I said in my description/bio that I was going to write about Marvel and DC, yet I have only written about DC so far.

So here we are.

The new Thor trailer is out, that looks pretty neat. A lot of people are saying it looks a lot like Guardians of the Galaxy, which I can see what they mean. I hope it isn’t similar though because I personally don’t like that movie, but I can imagine it will be pretty similar because the movie did very well, which is fair enough.

There was a game trailer that came out too, Marvel Heroes Omega or something, I’m just gonna say I thought Star-Lord was fucking painful in that. This kinda goes back to how I didn’t like the Guardians of the Galaxy movie but I don’t really care, a lot of Marvel content has been pushed towards the MCU so it links together.

I honestly can’t think of anything else going on with Marvel right now, it’s sad because Spider-Man has been my favourite hero for years and so I was more interested in Marvel with that, but recently it all just seems so, bland. I’m finding myself a lot more interested in DC so hopefully Marvel does something to interest me and if not, well I dunno, I guess I hope people have fun with it.


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