Henry Cavill in first test suit as Superman

Holy shit, that looks awesome.

Ignoring everything about the film wanting to be unique and a different take on Superman, I kinda wish we had the original suit.

Not gonna lie, seeing this test picture did make me play the John Williams Superman theme on repeat for a while.

I think if they were gonna use it in the movies (I doubt it but you never know) it could be something that some of the people of Metropolis made for him or something like that. Maybe it’s so simple compared to the current one because the people didn’t have a good enough look at him to get all the patterns and textures right, but could make out the ‘S’ and the colours. Then again he appeared in a highly televised court house and saved people from big events so that doesn’t make too much sense.

Also, it’s kinda funny that Zac Snyder having him in the classic suit and then makes the picture black and white. Not an attack/insult, it’s just funny.


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